History, the future, and the adjacent possible

From Kauffman’s Investigations:

History enters when the space of the possible that might have been explored is larger, or vastly larger, than what has actually occurred…. Precisely because the actual of the biosphere is so tiny…and because autonomous agents can evolve by heritable variations that induce propagating frozen accidents, … the biosphere is profoundly contingent upon history.

The econosphere (Kauffman’s term), however, is not constrained so. We can revisit the “frozen accidents” of our past and set ourselves on a different path. We can dip back into the vast space of the possible, even the possibles from the past that we had previously bypassed, to work our way toward a desired future possible.

We need to be careful, though, not to try to prematurely prestate our desired future possible. The space of the available future possible is much too expansive to unnecessarily limit ourselves to a “frozen prediction.”